brianskeptrackTo improve the resources and expertise the JREF offers to support grassroots activists and local skeptical groups, we're proud to announce that Brian Thompson has been hired as our new Field Coordinator.

Brian is a former high school teacher and producer of the comedy science podcast Amateur Scientist. His writings have appeared in Skeptical Inquirer, Pink Raygun, and The Young Australian Skeptics Blog Anthology. For years he’s used humor and entertainment to promote skepticism and critical thinking, and we’re excited to have him on our team.

In addition to helping local skeptics form new groups, build community and advance critical thinking and science appreciation at the local level, he’ll be working to better connect existing groups with each other and with JREF programs and workshops, and also directing the JREF Speakers Bureau.

If you lead a local skeptical group or want to help start one, we invite you to drop him a line at brian [at] and introduce yourself.