In case you missed it, please check out the JREF's October News & Updates, in which Randi writes about the JREF's digital evolution: 

For those of you who have supported the JREF since our inception in 1996, and even for those folks who are new to our coterie, there are a plenitude of reasons to be delighted. For instance, the JREF plans in the short term to enter the realm of digital publishing with skeptical titles poised for release on the iPad and iPhone, Kindle, and other digital schemes. We are increasing our video content on We have also launched a new Grants for Educators program and our Regional Workshops are a reality with St. Louis, Chicago and Louisville already on record as the first of many such planned skeptical assemblages. We also recently awarded four new academic scholarships.  

Elsewhere in the newsletter, we congratulate the winners of the academic scholarships, introduce readers to two new JREF fellows (who, in fact, need no introduction, since they're Jeff Wagg and Karen Stollznow), round up the blog coverage of TAM8, point you towards some new-ish JREF videos (including a very cool clip of Dr. Richard Wiseman discussing Sai Baba), and lots more.