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Amazing Meeting
Written by Michael Blanford   


Magic & Skepticism Panel - TAM7 from JREF on Vimeo.

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Written by Harriet Hall, MD (The SkepDoc)   

Here is a recap of the stories that appeared recently at Science-Based Medicine, a multi-author skeptical blog that separates the science from the woo in medicine.

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Latest JREF News
Written by D.J. Grothe   


Believing in nonsense hurts people, and that's why James Randi and The James Randi Educational Foundation work hard to promote critical thinking and skepticism as a form of intellectual self defense. 

2013 — the last twelve months were our most productive ever — is quickly coming to an end, and as you would expect, we are busy with our plans for 2014. But only with your help will we be able to continue battling unreason into the New Year.

We have only a few days left in our Season of Reason campaign to raise the support we’ll need to continue fighting the fakers and enabling people to defend themselves from paranormal and pseudoscientific scams. Please join with Randi and our team at the JREF as we stand up for reason and continue battling for you and other science-minded folks in the coming year.

Your contribution will enable us to:

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Delivered via Twitter on September 6, 2011:

Nikki, I’ve read in the news that you’ve said you’ll take our Million Dollar Challenge and put your claimed psychic abilities to the test. You told CBC News, “I would say yes, I would take [the] challenge because I have enough faith in my own abilities, if I was available.”

You seem to be available for interviews, but so far, we haven’t heard anything from you.

If it’s true that you have faith in your own abilities, follow through and take us up on our challenge. I hope that you do follow through, and aren’t just misleading the media to get your name in the news.

Ten years ago this week, infamous U.S. “psychic” Sylvia Browne claimed on national TV that she’d take us up on our challenge. Sylvia must have no faith in her abilities, because all these years since, we’ve been waiting for her to return our calls. James Van Praagh and others have also failed to return calls about the challenge. I hope that you have more integrity than they do.

You can reach us anytime at +1 (703) 226-3794, or at jref@randi.org, to find out more or to accept our challenge and arrange for a test of your abilities. In any case, we will keep the media informed of whether or not you accept the challenge and agree to a test.

James Randi, Founder
James Randi Educational Foundation

Written by James Randi   

It’s said that in the year 305C.E, an Italian now known as Saint Januarius, was martyred by decapitation. We're told that some enterprising bystander witnessing this festive event had the foresight to not only bottle some of the resulting blood but also to save the head of the unfortunate man.

In 1337, just about the time when relics-of-the-saints were becoming very popular among competing archbishops – the famous Shroud of Turin popped up at about that time, too – the Cathedral of Naples announced that the head of Januarius and the vial of his blood, recently rediscovered, were going on display. Mind you, the head was not actually shown. A silver urn said to contain it was displayed, as it is even to this day. It seems no one has ever troubled, dared, or cared – to look inside the urn. But faith is a wonderful thing.

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