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We've expanded our workshop options to eight this year, including two workshops on Sunday after the main program has ended. Each workshop is $45, or you can purchase the All Workshop Pass for the low price of $100.

Thursday, July 8


(Workshops run two at a time)

Workshop 1A: Skepticism 101
Join the JREF’s own Jeff Wagg, and friends from the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, and others, for an introduction to the basic concepts of critical thinking and skepticism. Test out your critical thinking knowledge by taking on real-life examples, and learning to apply skepticism without dogma to everyday issues

Workshop 1B: Learn to Juggle with Michael Goudeau!
Master juggler Michael Goudeau is not only a producer for Penn & Tellers Bullshit!, he's also part of the Lance Burton Show, demonstrating his impressive – and sometimes scary – juggling antics nightly at the Monte Carlo. Juggling balls will be provided, or bring your own, and prepare for a hands-on, intensive juggling training course to impress your friends and entertain at parties!


Workshop 2A: Science Based Medicine Part 1
Dr. Steve Novella and a panel of guests will discuss current medical hot topics, and how to apply skepticism and critical thinking to the practice of medicine.

Workshop 2B: Skepticism in the Classroom
Bringing critical thinking into the classroom can be a difficult task. Get tips, tricks, and advice from real educators on how to address the concerns of students and teach them the skills to view the world with a discerning eye. Learn how to present critical thinking topics to school boards and parents, and how to achieve results in your district.


Workshop 3A: Science Based Medicine Part 2
Dr. Steve Novella and his panel of guests continue guiding you through the issues of skepticism and medicine.

Workshop 3B: Feminist Skepticism
Rebecca Watson hosts an interactive panel discussion with several activists and experts, covering topics such as the lack of women at skeptical events and how feminism is compatible with skepticism.

Sunday, July 11


Workshop 4A: Skepticism and Sexuality
Join JREF Challenge Coordinator Alison Smith and a panel of guests on a journey through the myths of sex that will take you through misconceptions about STDs, homosexuality, pregnancy, and even basic anatomy. You must be at least eighteen years of age to attend this workshop.

Workshop 4B: Grassroots Skepticism
We are ready to show you the most effective ways to contribute to the skeptic’s movement. If you are ready to become an activist, this workshop will teach you how and where you can effectively spread your message, and bring a little more critical thinking to the public eye.