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This schedule may change, and we'll be adding more information as it becomes available.

Thursday, July 8

  8:00-5:00 Optional: Registration Open, Main Registration Desk

10:00-12:00 Optional: Juggling Workshop With Michael Goudeau

10:00-12:00 Optional: Skepticism 101 Workshop with Jeff Wagg and Karen Stollznow

 12:30-2:30 Optional: Skepticism in the Classroom Workshop with Michael Blanford, Barbara Drescer, Daniel Loxton and Matt Lowry

 12:30-2:30 Optional: Science Based Medicine Workshop Part 1 with Steve Novella and guests

  2:30-4:30 Optional: Feminist Skepticism Workshop with Rebecca Watson and guests

  2:30-4:30 Optional: Science Based Medicine Workshop Part 2 with Steve Novella

  6:00-8:00 JREF Reception featuring Gary Stockdale and the Peepshow Trio and an interview with James Randi and Richard Dawkins, in the Grand Ballroom cosponsored by the JREF, The Skeptic Society and The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

 9:00-10:30 Optional: The Great Tomsoni and Company, Grand Ballroom

Friday, July 9

  7:30-9:00 Continental Breakfast

 8:00-12:00 Registration Open

  8:00-9:00 Skeptics Guide to the Universe LIVE

  9:00-9:15 Opening (Hal Bidlack, Phil Plait and D.J. Grothe)

  9:15-9:45 Michael Shermer

 9:45-10:00 ***Break***

10:00-10:30 Sean Faircloth

10:30-11:30 Women in Skepticism Panel (Rebecca Watson Moderator, Carol Tavris, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Pamela Gay, Ginger Campbell, Harriet Hall)

11:30-12:15 Jamy Ian Swiss interviews James Randi

 12:15-1:30 ***Lunch***

  1:30-2:00 Simon Singh

  2:00-2:30 Joe Nickell

  2:30-3:00 Adam Savage  

  3:00-3:15 ***Break***

  3:15-3:45 Pamela Gay

  3:45-4:15 Phil Plait

  4:15-4:45  Carol Tavris 

  4:45-5:45 The Origins of the Modern Skeptic Movement Panel (D.J. Grothe Moderater, James Randi, Ken Frazier, Ray Hyman, Paul Kurtz)

  5:45-6:00 Closing Announcements

  7:00-9:00 Optional: Skeptics Guide to the Universe Dinner

  7:00-8:30 Optional: An Evening with Roy Zimmerman

 9:00-11:00 Optional: Second Annual HAM Party and Talent Show

Saturday, July 10

  7:30-9:00 Continental Breakfast

 8:00-12:00 Registration Open

  8:00-9:00 Skeptics Guide to the Universe LIVE 

  9:00-9:30 Massimo Pigliucci

 9:30-10:30 Grassroots Panel (Michael Feldman Moderator, Chip Denman, Richard Saunders, Jamy Ian Swiss, Jen Newport, Sid Rodrigues)

10:30-10:45 ***Break***

10:45-11:15 Bruce Hood

11:15-12:15  Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and other Dubious Health Care Systems Panel (Steve Novella Moderator, Ginger CampbellRachael Dunlop, David Gorski, Harriet Hall and Simon Singh) 

 12:15-1:30 ***Lunch***

  1:30-2:00 David Javerbaum

  2:00-2:30 James McGaha

  2:30-3:30 Paranormal Investigations (Julia Galef Moderator, Karen Stollznow, Joe Nickell, James Randi and Ben Radford)

  3:30-3:45 ***Break***

  3:45-4:15 Jennifer Michael Hecht

  4:15-4:45  Paul Provenza

  4:45-5:45 Richard Dawkins Keynote Event

  5:45-6:00 Closing

  8:00-9:30 Optional: Wonder-Worker Michael Weber

Sunday, July 11

  7:30-9:00 Continental Breakfast, Grand Ballroom

  8:00-8:15 The Independent Investigations Group v. the California Board of Registered Nurses (CBRN)
Brian Hart
, IIG Steering Member

  8:15-8:40  Fallacies and Falsehoods at the 2009 Cancer Control Society Convention
William M. London Professor of Health Science, California State University, Los Angeles

  8:40-8:55  Skepticism, Humor, and Going Viral: What We Can Learn from Boobquake
Jennifer McCreight, Blogger, Blag Hag

 9:00-10:00  Global Climate Change and the Responsibility of the Skeptics Movement (Massimo Pigliucci Moderator, Michael Shermer, Donald Prothero, James McGaha, Daniel Loxton)

10:00-10:15 ***Break***

10:15-10:40 Skepticism as a Gateway to Scientific Literacy
Barbara A. Drescher, Lecturer, Dept. of Psychology, California State University, Northridge 

10:40-10:55  The Virgin of Guadalupe: A Positive Take
Brian Dunning, Host/Producer of Skeptoid

10:55-11:10  Confessions of a Skeptical Advertising Man 
Steve Cuno
, Chairman, RESPONSE Agency, Inc

11:10-11:35  Frankenfoods: Cornerstones of the Next Green Revolution
Kevin M. Folta, Associate Professor, Horticultural Sciences Dept. University of Florida

11:35-12:00 A Case Study of Researching a Psychic: Examining Sylvia Browne’s History
Ryan Shaffer, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History at Stony Brook University

 12:00-12:30 Closing

  2:00-4:00 Optional: Skepticism and Sexuality Workshop with Alison Smith, Ben Radford, Heidi Anderson, Brandon K. Thorp, Penn Bullock, Debbie Goddard, and Liz Cornwell

  2:00-4:00 Optional: Grassroots Skepticism Workshop with KO Myers and company

  5:00-7:00 Live Challenge Event with Banachek