March 6-14, 2010  from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 

mapYears ago, four score and fourteen skeptics sailed through the treacherous waters of the Bermuda Triangle in search of adventure. Only four score and thirteen completed the journey. Join us as we commandeer the Italian liner Costa Fortuna and sail her into harms way once more.

After a celebration at the headquarters of the JREF, that notorious buccaneer James "The Amazing" Randi will be leading the way as we set sail from the heart of the devil's sea - Fort Lauderdale, FL.  This time we ply the waters of the West Indies with our sights set on the rich port of San Juan, the merchant's mecca of St. Thomas, and the golden sands of Grand Turk Island.

The JREF's own James Randi and D.J. Grothe will regale us with tales of past adventures and the promise of new treasures ahead.

While at sea, it is we skeptics who will rise up and take the stand with testimony of our adventures in skepticism. Noted brigands Jeff Wagg and Alison Smith will lead our motley crew through activities and parlays, as we create new lore upon the high seas. Other speakers include—you, should you choose to take up the mantle.

There be two important sorties planned. When we land in San Juan, we'll assault the Spanish fort known as El Morro.  For more than 400 years it has guarded the shores, but with the proper credentials, our surly crew will gain entrance. And when we make land on St. Thomas, those of us hearty enough will take a smaller boat to nearby St. John, where we'll search the unspoiled beaches of Honeymoon Bay for her treasures.

To learn more about our plunderous activities, read the details below. Tales will be woven, legends will be made, and much merriment will ensue.



One of Costa's larger ships, the Fortuna is graced by an Italian decor that calls to mind the classic days of steamship travel. Each public room is named for and themed after an historic liner. Staterooms are large and modern, and the nightlife is legendary.

Built in 2003
Passenger Capacity: 2,716
Number of Crew: 1,027
Total Cabins: 1,358 
Tonnage: 102,587
Length: 890 feet
Beam: 118 feet
Decks: 17 (13 for Guest Use)
Max Speed: 22 Knots
Cruising Speed: 20 Knots




The Ports

First, we'll visit the shopper's paradise of St. Thomas. Though still in the United States, duties and tariffs are lifted here, and bargains can be found. For those looking for a more natural excursion, we'll be leading a group to very nearby St. John which boasts some of the Caribbeans lushest landscapes.

Then it's on to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where we'll climb the hill and visit El Morro, the fort upon which Pirates of the Caribbean (both ride and movie) were based. Puerto Rico's rich Spanish heritage is abundant in shops and public art, and it's all a short walk from your ship.

Finally, we spend a day at the beaches of Grand Turk Island, Bahamas. These pristine beaches offer snorkeling in crystal clear waters, para sailing, and a chance to imagine life on these unspoiled islands hundreds of years ago.







The Activities

Before departing from Fort Lauderdale, you'll be treated to an optional rare open house event at the headquarters of the James Randi Educational Foundation. Browse the Asimov Library, peruse the cabinet of curiosities, and spend some social time with the Amaz!ng One himself.

After embarkation the following day, you'll be met by your hosts for this voyage, JREF's Jeff Wagg and Alison Smith. in one of the ship's lounges, followed by our first meal.

For the next two days, group activities take place in the conference room. You are free to participate as much as as little as you'd like, and for the first time ever on an Amaz!ng Adventure, you can address the audience with a skeptical topic of your choice. We have space for several 30 minute talks, lectures or discussions starring YOU. (To apply, please send mail to jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


James Randi

D.J. Grothe

Jeff Wagg

Communication and Outreach Coordinator

Alison Smith

Research Assistant


Saturday, March 6
JREF HQ, Fort Lauderdale, FL
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Sunday, March 7
Embarkation - Port Everglades
Starting at 2:00pm, sailing at 8:00pm

Monday, March 8
At Sea - Group Activities

Tuesday, March 9
At Sea - Group Activities

Wednesday, March 10
St. Thomas - St. John, VI
8:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday, March 11
San Juan, Puerto Rico
8:00am - 4:00pm

Friday, March 12
Grand Turk, Bahamas
12:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday, March 13
At Sea - Group Activities

Sunday, March 14
Fort Lauderdale, FL
8:00am - Debarkation


Space is still availabe on a limited basis. Prices listed below are approximate. Please call for updated pricing.




Inside Cabin - No Window

Double: from $780
SIngle: from $1,180



Outside Cabin - Window

Double: from $830
SIngle: from $1,330



Veranda Cabin - Balcony

Double: from $1,130
Single: $1,930

Price Includes:

Cruise fare, all tips, fees and taxes on board, meals, stateroom, all JREF activities including admission to El Morro, open house at the JREF, and some beverages.

It does not include alcoholic beverages or soft drinks, transfers, or water taxi from St. Thomas to St. John.

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Best Western Airport Plaza Inn for $129, plus taxes for the night before the cruise. This includes transportation to the ship and airport, but not transportation to the JREF. Registration information will be added soon.

3rd and 4th passengers in a stateroom may be available at a reduced rate. Please call for details.

A $250 per person deposit is required by November 30, 2009 to reserve your cabin.