Lecture Series

Randi LectureProvocative, entertaining, informative, compelling, spell-binding, stimulating, fascinating, important, gripping, inspiring . . . These are just a few of the adjectives used by satisfied clients to describe James Randi's lectures.

Standing-room only is the norm, and the question-and-answer period that follows is always of interest to all. Illustrative videos and in-person demonstrations add to the impact of the presentation, proving to Mr. Randi's audience that they, too, can be thoroughly and completely deceived.

Lecture topics include:

Randi's lectures are not magic shows, but are full of magic — the magic of understanding how the real world works. These are serious subjects that relate directly to everyday experiences of the young and old, in business and in private life. Prepare to be awakened and inspired!

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To book a lecture by James Randi, please contact Linda Shallenberger at (954) 467-1112, or email Linda Shallenberger.