This is a live audio/video recording of a live show given by Penn Jillette & The NoGodBand in honor of his buddy, hero, and mentor, James Randi. Everyone who attended this party gave a donation to The James Randi Educational Foundation - There was no admission fee and all the doughnuts and bacon were free to everyone there. There was music and strippers and everything was paid for by Penn and his friends. So, 100% of the donations went to educating people against bullshit and for science.

This video/audio is being offered the same way. There is no copy protection and no one who worked on this is taking any taste at all from the donated money. It all goes to JREF to help science. If you watch or listen to any of this, please donate some money to JREF. Just go to and donate some money to a great cause. Please don’t steal this, we worked hard and put a lot of money in — please give at least 10 bucks and throw in some more for the others who will free load. Remember all the money goes to charity — NOTHING to me. Let’s make a lot of money for charity, okay? Fuck, give a 100 bucks — you’ll feel great.

I have no desire to offend anyone with this show. It might not be for you. This is not the polite Penn you saw on Celebrity Apprentice. This is not the carefully rehearsed and thought out magic Penn, you see in “Penn & Teller” — this is the underrehearsed, nasty, swearing, rock out with his cock out down and dirty Penn. We’re singing about fucking and we are showing no tolerance for any god or religion. If there’s a word that bothers you, it’s on this recording. There is nothing open-minded or accepting. There are wrong notes and major fuck-ups. There are strippers of both sexes making fun of Jesus Christ. If anything offends you, this will. So, hey, maybe you don’t want to watch or listen — that’s fine — I’ll see you on reality TV and be your buddy — no hard feelings.

But, if you happen to enjoy it, you sick fuck — give some money to


Now, let’s “Bring the Stupid!”