Consequence is a biweekly podcast from the James Randi Educational Foundation. Each episode, regular people share their personal narratives about the negative impact a belief in pseudoscience, superstition, and the paranormal has had on their lives. From the thrilling to the uplifting, Consequence brings you true stories about false things.

Episode 4: David McCarthy vs Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

Channeler J.Z. Knight claims to be a conduit for the spirit of an ancient warrior named Ramtha. Her followers flock to Washington state to attend Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, where they can receive Ramtha's wisdom and convene with with their fellow believers. But our guest David McCarthy says Ramtha's School of Enlightenment is a cult. He left his family in New Zealand to join the school, and what he found there left him convinced that J.Z. Knight isn't what she's cracked up to be.


Episode 3: Bonnie vs Christian Science

Bonnie grew up a Christian Scientist. That means that instead of going to a doctor for illness or injury, her family employed the services of a faith healer. Later in life, Bonnie learned that this belief had terrible consequences for one family member in particular. Plus, we talk to Tim Farley of What's the Harm, who shines a light on the current state of Christian Science faith healing.



Episode 2: Carrie Poppy vs Energy Healing

We talk to Carrie Poppy. Now co-host of the skeptical investigation show Oh No Ross and Carrie and communications director for the James Randi Educational Foundation, Carrie was once a practicing energy healer who took it upon herself to try and cure her friend's cancer. Thankfully, everything turned out fine.



Episode 1: Joshua Hunt vs a Psychic

In the premiere episode of Consequence, we talk to Joshua Hunt. Now the co-organizer of the Cleveland Skeptics, Josh was once a struggling young actor in New York City who thought a visit to a local psychic might help jump start his career. We also talk with Tim Farley of What's the Harm about other instances of the same well-worn scam that snared Josh.

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