James Randi Grants for Educators

In its continuing efforts to provide resources to teachers and other educators, the James Randi Educational Foundation is proud to announce the availability of grants for educators.  These grants are intended to help offset the cost of developing or improving critical thinking and scientific skepticism programs in the classroom and beyond. Project proposals are accepted throughout the year and grants awarded as funds and relevant projects allow.  The grants will be awarded to educators of grades K-12 to help improve the education of their class, school and/or community in the methods of science and critical thinking through the examination of the paranormal and pseudoscience. Grants will allow teachers to:

  • Purchase materials and equipment for the classroom, school or community for use in skepticism and critical thinking education.
  • Begin new school or community skepticism and critical thinking outreach and educational programs.
  • Enhance and expand existing skepticism and critical thinking educational programs.
  • Attend courses, workshops or conferences related to scientific skepticism that will significantly enhance their teaching activities.

The James Randi Educational Foundation will award a limited number of grants of up to $500 each. In general, those educators selected to receive grants are those whose applications are deemed to:

  • Have the greatest need.
  • Will have the most significant and widest impact.
  • Have submitted the most detailed proposal describing how the grant money will be spent.
  • Be most likely to succeed with their proposal.

We ask that curricula and other resources developed with the help of this grant be made available to other educators through the James Randi Educational Foundation.

Grant proposals should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and must include information about the educator's school or institution, a detailed description of the critical thinking/skepticism project, biographical information about the applicant, and a project budget.

The James Randi Educational Foundation's grants for educators are supported by our generous members. To help support this program click here.