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Online registration is closed. You will be able to register at the door.

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The Amaz!ng Meeting is on the horizon again! Enthusiasm for TAM increases every year, and every year we have added new speakers and events to the festivities. This year promises to be amongst the most exciting so far, with a great combination of leading thinkers and celebrities and activists, all united to advance critical thinking and skepticism in our world.

Join us for four days of fellowship, fun, and critical thinking this July at TAM 8.

Scheduled to appear:

TAM_5_-_James_Randi__and_Jamy_Ian_Swiss_by_Scott_HurstThe God Delusion's Richard Dawkins (Keynote event)

JREF Founder James Randi

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait

Doubt's Jennifer Michael Hecht

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show Head Writer David Javerbaum

Skeptic Society's Michael Shermer

thomsoniCenter for Inquiry Founder Paul Kurtz

Mythbuster Adam Savage

Skeptical Inquirer Editor Ken Frazier

Social Scientist and Author Carol Tavris

JREF President D.J. Grothe

Trick or Treatment's Simon Singh

Steve, Jay, Bob, Rebecca and Evan: The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Renowned Geologist Donald Prothero


Mathematical Gamester Martin Gardner (by Video)

Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell

Master Magician and "Honest Liar" Jamy Ian Swiss

Mentalist and Alpha Kid Banachek

Evolutionary Scientist and Skeptic Massimo Pigliucci

Secular Coaltion of America's Sean Faircloth

Astronomer, Pilot, UFO Expert James McGaha

TAM_5_by_Scott_HurstSkeptic's Toolbox host and CSI Fellow Ray Hyman

Point of Inquiry's Karen Stollznow

Skepticzone's Own Richard Saunders

Grassroots Skeptics Founder KO Myers

Masala Skeptic Maria Walters

Granite State Skeptics Co-Founder and President Travis Roy

Boston Skeptics' Maggie McFee

CFI's Campus Organizer Debbie Goddard

JREF Communications and Outreach Coordinator Jeff Wagg

JREF Program Assistant and Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Founder Alison Smith

Juggler and Bullshit! Producer Michael Goudeau

Opening_Reception_-_TAM_7_by_Scott_Hurst-4Wonder-Worker Michael Weber

Skeptical Songster Roy Zimmerman

Perennial TAM Master of Ceremonies Hal Bidlack

CSI Director Barry Karr

Brain Science Podcasts' Ginger Campbell

Fab Four Live's John Lennon Steve Craig

Comedian and Magician Mac King

TAM_Ham_Party_and_Talent_Show_by_Scott_HurstJunior Skeptic's Daniel Loxton

Penn & Teller's Pianist Mike "Jonesy" Jones

Comedian Paul Provenza

Skeptical Blogger Julia Galef

And many more! More information on the speakers can be found here.


A big part of the TAM experience is enjoying meals with your fellow attendees. Included in your TAM registration are the following meals:

  • Continental Breakfast: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Catered Lunch: Friday and Saturday
  • Breaks during the conference


We'll be back at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV this year - our favorite spot yet! Be sure to see the hotel link above for our group rates.


Science Based Medicine Workshops 1 & 2 – Dr. Steve Novella and a panel of guests will discuss current medical hot topics, and how to apply skepticism and critical thinking to the practice of medicine.

Skepticism 101 – Join the JREF’S own Jeff Wagg for an introduction to the basic concepts of critical thinking and skepticism. Test out your critical thinking knowledge by taking on real-life examples, and learning to apply skepticism without dogma to everyday issues.

Feminist Skepticism – Rebecca Watson hosts an interactive panel discussion with several activists and experts, covering topics such as the lack of women at skeptical events and how feminism is compatible with skepticism.

Teacher's Workshop – Bringing critical thinking into the classroom can be a difficult task. Get tips, tricks, and advice on how to address the concerns of students and teach them the skills to view the world with a discerning eye. Learn how to present critical thinking topics to school boards and parents, and how to achieve results in your district.

Grassroots Workshop
– KO Myers and Travis Roy are ready to show you the most effective ways to contribute to the skeptic’s movement. If you are ready to become an activist, this workshop will teach you how and where you can effectively spread your message, and bring a little more critical thinking to the public eye.

Skepticism and Sexuality – Join JREF Challenge Coordinator Alison Smith and a panel of guests on a journey through the myths of sex that will take you through misconceptions about STDs, homosexuality, pregnancy, and even basic anatomy. You must be at least eighteen years of age to attend this workshop.

Learn to Juggle! – Do you want to learn to juggle? Join famous juggler Michael Goudeau in a hands-on training session that will leave you juggling like a pro.

Full workshop descriptions are available here.

Call For Papers! Speak at TAM!

Once again JREF is issuing a call for papers to those who would like to share their work or accomplishments at the eighth annual Amazing Meeting, July 8-11, 2010 in Las Vegas.

Anyone may submit a request to present a paper. If your proposal is accepted you will be allotted 20 minutes for your presentation and an additional 5 minutes for questions and comments from the audience.  Invitations to present will be given to about six proposals. If your proposal is selected for further consideration, a written article and draft of your presentation slides will be required for final consideration. Please visit this link for full details.

Have lunch with James Randi and Richard Dawkins! (SOLD OUT)

Don't miss the opportunity to have an intimate catered luncheon with James Randi, Richard Dawkins, and other TAM luminaries. These events, one each at lunchtime on Friday and Saturday, are limited to 20 people. SOLD OUT

Have dinner with the cast of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe! (Nearly Sold Out

Join Steve, Jay, Bob, Evan and Rebecca at this optional dinner on Friday night. Only a few seats left, so reserve your seat soon!

Our Optional Evening Performances:

Thursday night, the legendary Great Tomsoni and Company take the stage. This award winning comedy magic performance is guaranteed to have you laughing and scratching your head at the same time.

On Friday, join us for the hilarious satire of singer/songwriter Roy Zimmerman. Roy's shows have been a highlight at conferences by the Skeptic Society and CFI, and now for the first time, he graces our stage at TAM. For a sample of his work, visit this link.

After Roy's show, be sure to attend The Ham Party II! This is where YOU can take the stage and show off your talents for the audience and a panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded!

Saturday night, we're proud to offer a very special performance by wonder-worker Michael Weber. Jamy Ian Swiss says "Michael Weber is both a great mind and a great mind-reader — and almost good enough to make me believe he's the real thing! I promise you will be thrilled and amazed by this show — don't miss it!"

Sadly, the previously announced Penn & Teller tickets have been cancelled as the duo will be touring the UK at the time. But they will be featured along with Randi at the Thursday night hospitality party open to all attendees (see schedule). 

More information about our optional evening events, such as the performances by Michael Weber, The Great Tomsoni, Roy Zimmerman or the talent show, please see our events page.

All this and much, much more!

TAM Forum Grants

The grant program is closed for this event. Please visit our Forum Grant page to learn how the JREF Forum Members and others have helped nearly 200 people attend TAM, and how you can help more people attend this year.

Check registration prices and register at the door. Online registration is closed.