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Dear Friend, 

Every day we hear more stories of faith healers preying on the seriously ill, televangelists targeting poor communities, and psychics harassing grieving families. Fraudulent science sparks a vaccine-safety panic that puts children’s lives at risk, yet the mainstream media fans the flames for ratings instead of helping parents get the facts. Politicians seem more interested in attacking science than in prosecuting the people pushing fake bomb detectors on public safety agencies. 

If we want to see a healthier, safer, more rational world, it’s up to us to make it happen. Becoming one of the JREF's monthly donors means you want to fight for what we believe in. 

Your ongoing contribution will help educate students about critical thinking; support grassroots skeptics campaigns; and take on corporations, media organizations and celebrity hucksters that promote dangerous nonsense. 

Will you Take a Stand for Skepticism today? 

James Randi

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