Last year we at the JREF decided to test the waters with a year-end fund-raising campaign to help raise awareness both of our mission as well as new ways to advance it. We were inspired by your response to our appeal, so much so that this year we hope our Season of Reason campaign will continue to support the bright future for skepticism and critical thinking.Randi

We are focusing on our new educational efforts, as you will see here. But we now have a secret weapon that we're hopeful will make this end-of-year fund-raising campaign even more effective. An anonymous JREF member has made a very generous challenge donation to the JREF of up to $100,000. This means that whatever support you feel motivated to give to the JREF, this donor will match dollar-for-dollar up to a $100,000 limit!

Simply put my friends, there's never been a better time to put your money to work for skepticism and critical thinking, not only because every dollar you donate now doubles its value, but also because the JREF is doing more now to increase critical thinking in education than we've ever done in the past. The Amaz!ng Meetings are growing in size and number internationally, with record attendances, and we're seizing new opportunities to make a difference, such as digital publishing and smartphone "apps."

Under JREF President D. J. Grothe we have done so much to position our Foundation as a leader in education for skepticism and critical thinking, and we are gaining steam and accomplishing more than I ever thought possible from this foundation when I founded it. So, please help us make a difference this year -as we make a serious effort to increase our efforts in the field of education. Please give today -- and magically double your donation. Your support makes the difference!



James Randi, Founder

P.S. -- When you contribute to the JREF's Season of Reason campaign, our thanks to you will include a limited-edition hand-made Holiday Ornament with my likeness, being pulled in a JREF sleigh by Pigasus. I think it represents rather nicely our goal to advance critical thinking!

Donate to the JREF's Season of Reason Campaign Today!



Donate to the JREF's Season of Reason Campaign