August 8-18, 2008



Day 1   Quito, Ecuador 

Upon your arrival in Quito, you will be greeted by uniformed Celebrity staff with directions for bus transfer. After a 10-15 minute drive, you will arrive at the 5-star JW Marriott hotel for your overnight stay. 

Day 2   Quito, Ecuador 

In Quito, you will enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet, followed by a City Tour of Quito from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, with lunch included. You will have an opportunity to shop, as well as visit the plaza, church and cathedral of "Old Town". Upon your return to the hotel, dinner is included at 1 of 3 restaurants. The next morning, enjoy a complimentary breakfast, and board a flight to Baltra. 

Day 3 Baltra (Galapagos)   Depart 2:00 PM 
Day 3 North Seymour (Galapagos) Arrive 2:30 PM  Depart 7:00 PM 
Day 4 P. Baquerizo (San Cristobal) Arrive 6:00 AM  Depart 1:00 PM 
Day 4 Punta Suarez (Espanola) Arrive 3:00 PM  Depart 7:00 PM 
Day 5 Cormorant Point (Floreana) Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 12:00 PM 
Day 5 Baroness Outlook (Floreana) Arrive 3:00 PM  Depart 7:00 PM 
Day 6 Las Bachas, (Santa Cruz) Arrive 6:00 AM  Depart 12:00 PM 
Day 6 Bartolome (San Salvador) Arrive 2:30 PM  Depart 7:00 PM 
Day 7 Elizabeth Bay (Isabela) Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 12:00 PM 
Day 7 Punta Espinoza (Fernandina) Arrive 2:30 PM  Depart 7:00 PM 
Day 8 Puerto Egas (San Salvador) Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 12:00 PM 
Day 8 Dragon Hill (Santa Cruz) Arrive 3:00 PM  Depart 7:00 PM 
Day 9 Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz) Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 9:00 PM 
Day 10 Baltra (Galapagos) Arrive 6:00 AM   
Day 10   Quito, Ecuador  

Upon debarkation, there will be bus service from the port to the airport, where you will board a flight to Quito. Upon Arrival at the Quito Airport, you will be transferred onto a bus and to the hotel for an overnight stay. In the late afternoon, experience a Shopping Tour to outdoor market, followed by a complimentary Farewell Dinner at Historic Theatre Restaurant. 

Day 11   Quito, Ecuador   After a complimentary breakfast, you will be transferred from the hotel to the Quito Airport.