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Lecture Series

Pseudo-Technology in the New Millennium
"New" Technologies for the 21st Century Designed to Drain You of Your Profits

The average citizen is suspicious of science and technology. James Randi addresses this unfortunate misunderstanding in an effective and entertaining fashion by asking the right questions — and then answering them.

From satellite television to the Internet, society is bombarded with carefully designed misinformation. Much of it is simply age-old cons repackaged for the new millennium. From U.S. patents issued for devices that control your computer with ESP to multi-million dollar studies funded by federal agencies to study imaginary "E-Rays;" from new age dowsing rods designed to detect drugs, to magnets designed to relieve pain, our society continues to be susceptible to "snake oil" claims that drain corporations and our government of millions, if not billions, of dollars annually.

Does a simple felt-tip pen detect counterfeit money for merchants? Can a registered nurse using "quantum mechanics technology" heal a patient by simply passing her hands over her patient? Does a "high-tech" dowsing rod enable the U.S. Border Patrol to find smuggled aliens? Can a simple, sealed, plastic ball replace detergent in your washing machine?

James Randi answers these questions, and many more, while showing you how to protect your and your company's pocketbook, by outlining how to spot and expose these cons of the new millennium.

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