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Here is a rundown of the week in weird news, and WHOA, boy, it certainly WAS a weird one, courtesy of Doubtful News. 

It was a busy week for Bigfoot issues - not really good ones. A big deal blimp project is raising funds to get off the ground and scout for the critter.  

A major indicator of real Bigfoot prints, has sustained a major blow

The second most famous crypto-creature was disputed this week as well, as business people bullied each other over marketing their cash cow - the Loch Ness monster.

Our big story of the week was solving the case of the strange fence-walking critter in New Jersey. Spoiler: It was not the Jersey devil Heck, it wasn't even Jersey! 

Some people just like to hear themselves talk, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Uri Geller is featured in a new movie revealing his psychic spy past.  

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is flaming mad at science.

Scientology didn't like the news story that that aliens were buzzing around their building.

A psychic who made a disastrous, unwarranted claim against a couple saw her day in court. Well, she didn't show up. But let's hope this $7 million dollar judgement sends a powerful message to psychic tipsters.

Here is what the law says about haunted houses - they are stigmatized properties.  

This week was the anniversary of the first Salem witch trial death. And in some parts of the world, it continues, over 300 years later.  

Of all the things we thought has seen its day, spectral evidence was used in a civil trial. What a circus.  

It was a circus in China where a man was exhibiting an alien with a tall tale. He got into some trouble for that.

A sad mystery solved before others died - a poisoned hotel room 

How strange is this: A troubled teen is ordered to undergo electro-acupuncture.   

An Air China jet sustains some bizarre mid-air damage. I'm not saying it's aliens, but… lots of others jumped to that conclusion. 

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