2006 Award recipients

Category #1:  The Scientist wo did the silliest thing related to parapsychology
For 2006, it goes to UK biologist Rupert Sheldrake, for his "telephone telepathy" claims related to “morphic resonance. This man’s delusions increase as time goes by, and he comes up with sillier ideas every year.

Full details (Here).

Category #2:  Funding organization that supported the most useless study.
This year, it was earned by the Templeton Foundation, who spent $2.4 million and ten years on yet another ridiculous study, and no doubt will keep repeating this because they can’t get the message, that prayer doesn’t work.

Full details (Here).

Category #3:  Media outlet that reported as factual the most outrageous claim.
U.S. TV host Montel Williams, for persisting in promoting “psychic” Sylvia Browne, in spite of knowing exactly what she’s doing. Williams has shown, over the years, that his ratings are far more important to him than his integrity and his trusting audience.

Full details (Here).

Category #4:  The "psychic" who fooled the greatest number of people
Uri Geller – remember him? – who used the most tired old schoolboy trick in the book – moving-a-compass-using-a-magnet – on an Israeli TV series, thus garnering the most negative media reviews.

Full details (Here) | Video of the Compass Trick (Here).

Category #5: Most persistent refusal to face reality.
No winner for this category for this year.