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Who is Sylvia Browne?
Sylvia Browne is a self proclaimed "psychic". She is known all over the world for her abilities even though her accuracy is less than impressive. She has a call-in "psychic" hotline, has published several dozen books, and was a regular on television's Montel Williams Show.
She claims to be able to speak with dead people via a spirit guide and charges grieving families money to contact their dead relatives. She's even stated that she has helped solve over 200 police cases, although the facts of which have never been provided.

Why is she a danger to the public?
When people are grieving over missing or dead loved ones they will do anything and pay any amount of money for a glimpse of finding their loved ones or communicating with them. When Sylvia gives them one of her so-called "readings" or says that she is in contact with their dead loved ones it gives people a false glimmer of hope. People can become dependant on this false hope. When or if they find out that the truth is that it's just a bunch of guesses, they are crushed. Let's face reality: what Sylvia Browne does is nothing more than cold reading; tossing out a stream of guesses and letting the person fill in the answers. She preys on grieving families and charges large amounts of money for her readings.

What to do
The Foundation wants to provide the public with the TRUTH about "psychics" such as Sylvia Browne so that she doesn't take advantage of grieving families. This is why James Randi publicly challenged Sylvia Browne for the Million Dollar Psychic Challenge in 2001. With a proper double blind test Randi wanted to prove that her so-called powers were no more than a guessing game. In March of 2001 she accepted the challenge on Larry King Live, and on September 3, 2001 she accepted the protocol for the test.

To date Sylvia has not contacted Randi to make arrangements to take the test and claim her million dollars. Her best excuse? "I don't know how to get hold of Randi". Hmm, how about a phone book, or a google search for R-A-N-D-I.

Sylvia on Larry King Live (March 2001)

Randi was on Larry King Live with self proclaimed "psychic" Sylvia Browne. During this interview Randi officially challenged Sylvia to take the Million Dollar Psychic Challenge. She agreed on LIVE TV to take the test, not only that but she stated that Randi has been challenging her for years. The conditions were agreed upon and Larry King would be the intermediary. This was in 2001, it has been over 7 years and still Sylvia has not contacted Randi to take the required tests to prove her abilities. Nor has she responded to numerous certified letters from the Randi regarding the challenge.

Anderson Cooper Takes on Sylvia Browne (January 30, 2007)

After various errors on Sylvia Browne's part the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360 decided to do some investigating. One of the biggest blunders on Sylvia's part was the Shawn Hornbeck case where she told his parents that Shawn was dead. A few days later Shawn was found alive and well. Anderson Cooper said:

While he was missing his parents had turned to Sylvia Brown for help, Browne told Shawn's parents he was dead and even told them where to find Shawn's body. She was wrong of course, after our report we spoke to Sylvia Browne's business manager and the "psychic" herself and asked for proof. They provided the proof and we investigated.

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