simon_600x600FLASH! Simon Singh, in the UK, has WON his case against the chiropractors! The quacks have withdrawn their case, and it appears that Simon may now be able to recover the costs of his involvement! And – equally important! – this may be a turning point for the UK system of justice, which has allowed cases to be brought against those in science who have dared to tell the actual facts about what is going on in "alternative" medicine – and in pseudoscience. I trust that we'll now be hearing more from real scientists who are dismayed at what's going on in their field.

I must mention that Simon Singh – in person, folks – will be appearing at TAM8 in Las Vegas, July 8th to 11th. Hats off to Simon and the UK skeptical community who so boldly supported him in his fight! Kudos to all! I may even have a glass of champagne with lunch...! Wheeee!