sor2011emailThe James Randi Educational Foundation’s annual end-of-year fundraising initiative, The Season of Reason, supports our important work combating harmful paranormal and pseudoscientific beliefs. Over half of our annual support comes during this critical year-end period and we couldn't continue our operations without it. This year, we are asking you to help us raise $220,000 to support the JREF’s grassroots and educational programs that will be the backbone of the JREF’s work in 2012.

The JREF is an independent non-profit and all donations are used for the sole purpose of promoting critical thinking to the public and advancing our skeptical, pro-science mission. Your Season of Reason contribution will help us teach students to think critically about the world, support skeptical grassroots campaigns, and take on public figures and celebrities who promote dangerous nonsense.

Donate today to help us reach our goal!

Our Gift to You: Make a one-time donation of $100 or more or a monthly donation of $25 or more during the Season of Reason campaign and you will receive this limited-edition, hand-made, three-inch ceramic ornament by Surly-Ramics. Surly-Ramics have long been a popular fashion staple of the skeptical community, and we are both proud and honored to have this special three inch diameter ornament available to a limited number of our supporters this year. The design on the 2011 Season of Reason ornament is James Randi as "SkeptiClaus" based on a popular photo taken at The Amazing Meeting 2011 (Photo by Ingrid Laas). Randi enjoyed the design immensely.

Our annual Season of Reason ornaments are a collector’s item. Hundreds of JREF supporters participated in last year’s Season of Reason, and by doing so again this year, you will add to your collection. Don't miss your chance to keep your collection, and the JREF, going strong.