Delivered via Twitter on September 6, 2011:

Nikki, I’ve read in the news that you’ve said you’ll take our Million Dollar Challenge and put your claimed psychic abilities to the test. You told CBC News, “I would say yes, I would take [the] challenge because I have enough faith in my own abilities, if I was available.”

You seem to be available for interviews, but so far, we haven’t heard anything from you.

If it’s true that you have faith in your own abilities, follow through and take us up on our challenge. I hope that you do follow through, and aren’t just misleading the media to get your name in the news.

Ten years ago this week, infamous U.S. “psychic” Sylvia Browne claimed on national TV that she’d take us up on our challenge. Sylvia must have no faith in her abilities, because all these years since, we’ve been waiting for her to return our calls. James Van Praagh and others have also failed to return calls about the challenge. I hope that you have more integrity than they do.

You can reach us anytime at +1 (703) 226-3794, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to find out more or to accept our challenge and arrange for a test of your abilities. In any case, we will keep the media informed of whether or not you accept the challenge and agree to a test.

James Randi, Founder
James Randi Educational Foundation