Our good friend and prominent skeptic Robert Sheaffer has announced his new blog, which he says is “in the skeptical spirit of ‘Bad Astronomy,’ ‘Bad Science,’ ‘Bad Language,’ etc.”

It’s: "Bad UFOs" (http://www.BadUFOs.com, or alternatively http://BadUFOs.blogspot.com ). As Bob says, “there is no other blog in the U.S. being written by an experienced UFO skeptic, so it fills a need.”  And indeed it does.

Please check it out and feel free to contribute comments. Given the prevalence of hard-core UFO believers on the Internet, once this new blog gets to be known, lots of negative comments can be expected. As Bob says, some of these people get incensed by any hint of UFO skepticism, no matter how well-founded, and some balancing skeptical comments will always be welcome.
So, tune in and enjoy!